Anshell’s Guitar & Bass Guitar Lessons

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(425) 394-6953

15400 SE 155th Pl. #44, Renton, WA 98058
(Just off of SR-169 and 152nd Ave SE)

About the Teacher:

Howard Anshell has been playing guitar and bass since 1968 and teaching since 1973. He has taught tens of thousands of lessons to students of all ages from Kindergarten to retirement and is comfortable teaching both absolute beginners and advanced musicians. His students learn at their own pace and his lessons incorporate a variety of musical techniques including reading music, improvisation, and music theory.

Howard believes that too many guitar teachers ignore the important tool of reading music, and those that do teach it sometimes do so at the expense of spontaneity. Both of these aspects are important and neither should be ignored. He offers a comprehensive approach so the student can apply it to whatever style of music they like.  Howard can help anyone be a better guitar player, but he specializes in helping people who think they can’t play to learn that they can.